Thing 23 – Where do we go from here?

This class has been amazing!  I have really enjoyed learned all of these Web 2.0 tools.  There are many that I will use with my students and some that were not as beneficial for me, but were interesting to learn.  A few of my favorites were Delicious, Google Reader, Flickr, and Dipity.  I had never written a blog or a wiki before and really had a fun time playing around with them.  I cannot wait to use these tools with my students and to educate other professionals about what We 2.0 tools that are out there for usage.

Thing 18 – Creating a Podcast

Making a Podcast was a lot less scarier than I thought it was going to be.  I really had a lot of fun trying to decided what I was going to talk about and then actually making it.  It was really simply.  I think if I did this with my students, they would have a lot of fun creating one.  They could tell stories, jokes, facts, etc.  On one of the previous “Things” I listened to a class who had created a Podcast and thought that would be a lot of fun for the children.


Thing 22 – Social Networking

I found Classroom 2.0 very interested and worthwhile for my teaching needs.  This is a great way to connect with other teachers like yourself around the world.  Teachers can either view the groups, forums, blogs, etc. to get ideas or teachers can engage in conversations with other teachers.  They can ask questions and see what answers other teachers have.  There are so many topics out there for us to use.  I like how they have organized the site.  It is easy to use.  You can look up by topic, subject, area, etc.  Whatever the teacher needs in order to find the best group.

Thing 20 – Google Docs

I really had a hard time with Google Docs.  It was hard to think of something to use Google Docs for (since it is summer time).  I decided to collaborate with a colleague from work.  We decided to make a Friday Folder Signature Page that the parents will sign each week after they have looked through their children’s FridayFolder.  We both added to this document.  We wanted to try another document (graphic organizer of what we do each month).  We have a format that we use and wanted to copy and paste it into Google Docs.  However, it did not work the way we wanted to, it copied in but not the way we wanted it too.  We thought that if we could have the graphic organizer in Google Docs, each of the teachers could add to the organizer, but that did not work.  So we scrapped that idea and went with the Friday Folder Page.

I did not find this Web 2.0 technology helpful.  Since I have Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, I do not feel that I will be using this that often.  Also, each person you send it to has to have a GMail account to log in.  We tried sending it to my school account and it would not let me view it.

Thing 7C – Google Reader

It really is amazing how fast your Google Reader can fill up.  I am getting better at skimming through the ones I want and ignoring the others.  There are so many!!

This week I found a cool site on teaching children how to sequence, Time Sequence Game.  This web site, Do2Learn, has lots of other games but this game intrigued me the most.  It starts out with a video of a person doing something, so the child can see what is happening, then it shows three pictures and the child has to sequence the pictures.  I teach sequencing in my classroom and it is nice to have another way of reinforcing the skill.

Another game on the site teaches the children about synonyms and antonyms.  The children ahve to match words together.  This is another fun way to reinforce a skill I have taught in the classroom.

Thing 21 – Using Pageflakes

Another web 2.0 application that I have never heard of but LOVE!  It is wonderful application to have.  You can have many different kinds of links on one page.  This makes life simpler.  You do not have to go looking at different web pages, everything is all in one place!

I can use this with my students.  You can find YouTube videos to show your students without having to worryabout having all the extra stuff on YouTube: other videos, comments, etc.  Since you can share this with others, your colleagues can view what you have and you can view what they have.  You can collaborate together and get ideas from each other.

Since you can look up videos on YouTube and pictures on Flikr, the themes and topics are endless.  In my classroom, I can use PageFlakes to look up ideas on Fairy Tales, Rain forest, etc.  I am excited to start using this in my classroom next year.

Thing 19- Video Sharing in the Classroom

I have used YouTube and TeacherTube before.  I was introduced to TeacherTube when my school blocked YouTube.  I like YouTube better than TeacherTube.  There were a lot of videos that I wanted to show my students but could not find them on TeacherTube.  From this class, I now know how to embed a video into a blog or wiki page, which will make it possible for the kids to see the video without all the extra stuff that I might not want my kids to see.

A few YouTube videos I found: Martin Luther King’s speech and the cartoon Gerald McBoing Boing.  I want my kids to hear the speech King spoke and having the kids actually hear it, means more to them.  The story Gerald McBoing Boingis a story by Dr. Seuss.  It is a hard book to read as the main character makes lots of noises that I cannot make.  But when the children watch the video, they can actually hear the sounds he makes.

I find that both these sites are very beneficial to support classroom or professional learning.  I have a SmartBoard in my classroom and can show anything that is on my computer on the SmartBoard to enhance the curriculum.


Thing 17 – Explore Podcasting

I never realized what a podcast was.  I have heard of itunes, ipods, mp3 players but did not put them together.  I had also heard of podcasts but never knew what they were.  I first previewed the Early Childhood Podcast where someone reads a story to you.  I listened to the first few minutes a few different stories.  I was not that entertained so I moved on.  I then went to the Podcast that was done by students.  This was very creative. The one that I listened to was Radio WillowWeb. The students hosted their own radio show.  I listened to a few different ones and actually found a few web pages that I can use in the classroom.  The first one I listened to was all about nutrition.  They students told jokes, facts, and even a web page they liked.  I even found a podcast on Japan.

Since I really enjoyed listening to the students, I joined that podcast.  I cannot wait to listen to other podcasts.  I can use this in the classroom.  The students can listen to one either on their own or as a class, depending on the theme.  They might even be interested in making their own!

Thing 16 – LibraryThing

This site is interesting.  It took me a little time to figure out how to actually add the books I wanted to add to the site.  Once I figured it out, it was easier to maneuver around the site.  It is interesting to see what other people think about a specific book.  I can use this site professionally when deciding what books I want to use in the classroom and see what other readers feel about the book.

Thing 15 – Social Bookmarking with Delicious

I really enjoyed using Delicious.  I had never heard of this site or any other for that matter.  I think this will really be helpful to me at school.  I have so many favorites on my computer and have such a hard time finding the one I want.  I just scroll down usually and sometimes have to guess.  This makes my life so much easier.  I like that I do not have to be on my computer to view these web sites.  If I am I find a site I like and I am not at my computer, I usually send myself an e-mail with the link.  Now, I do not have to do this.  I can just add it to my delicious site.  I also like that you can share your “favorites”.  That other people can view them as well.  My Delicious Links.